1. Enjoy the rainy days.

I live in Indiana, and rain is definitely a common occurrence. Drop the dream of snowy winters, all we get is rain and dark dreary gloom. listening to the pitter patter of the rain lazily lapping the rooftops, can make you extremely restless. I think It’s like a friend, whispering secrets in your ear. Oh, the secrets of the rain. Anyway, I find that the lazily rainy windy winter days are ideal for many things. I love to (paint, read a book, draw) or just sit with a cup of mint tea in my hand and ponder. I find that lazily rainy days are the best days for a stroll in the woods. These are my favorite things to do on a rainy day!

2. live in a world where happiness and sunshine are always aloud.

Even in the gloms of winter, we should never let ourselves get down. Be happy, do things that make you happy and let sunshine fill your soul.

3. Embrace imperfection, that’s my one of my main goals.

Embracing imperfection is really hard. Especially if you’re a perfectionist. But I find that embracing imperfection is extremely important. Especially in art.

4. Try something new!

It’s always important to “branch out.” And do that thing that you’ve always wanted to do but never had the courage or time. Like paint, draw, or play an instrument. These are helpful hints to a more enjoyable and challenging life.

5. Take a walk.

Take a walk in the woods. Taking a walk in the woods, especially after it rains is immensely enjoyable. It’s so inspirational and inspiring. Don’t forget to Bring a camera and/or sketchbook with you.

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