Admits all of the coronavirus chaos, Spring has sprung! And I am so enthralled. Today I just wanted to share some of the beauty with you that spring holds.

I just love the beautiful flowers, that are constantly blooming! Sending their gorgeous fragrance everywhere! The other day I went on a walk, just savoring the lovely weather and soaking up the amazing sunshiny weather. After walking around for awhile I passed the lilac bushes and noticed something. There nestled back into the branches was a birds nest. All around it lilacs where blooming, throwing their fragrance everywhere. And I thought to myself “What a gorgeous spot to make a home. Nestled deep into the bushes of a lilac, smelling their sweet soft fragrance all the time.” What a way to live!

I also noticed that the weeds have once again graced us with their beloved presence!😂

This weather is perfect for a leisure bike ride!

The trees are starting to bud, this beautiful spring season.

Picnics, or a tea party is a wonderful way to spend your afternoon! I enjoy going outside and drinking a cup of tea, with a good book and some flowers!

Many trees are flowering, and the beautiful smell floats though the air.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post!☺️

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